Yang ku bisa

That I could

That I Could

I realized ...
I may not be able to take you around the world

or just stop by to Paris also Rome
I ... just a ordinary guy
who want to take you to heaven (with His permission)

Maybe I can not be as romantic as Paris
Not as grand as the city of Rome

In fact, not so sacred city of Mecca
I ... just a ordinary guy
who want to build a simple palace
with beautiful masts
Then I smiled happily
"Baiti Jannati" That's what I said

Oh.. God invites endeavor
she was strong to break hope of mine

she really hard breakdown thy mandate
if it were not for the promise of thy prayer's answer
I had long left this road

Oh.. whose most determinants
You know what I hope in my heart
You know seriousness my endeavor
In fact, since the sincere intention has been stay in my heart
Wrap the pieces of my heart asunder
Wash sweat gushing
Please.. making strong soul when tired soul when tired

O.. the Glory
Forgive all this heart dirt

Unable to see thy clue
So open my heart
So I do not get lost by time

O... human being that have armor in heart
Look at me with the eyes of your heart

Please soften wall that dangle in your heart
Is this seriousness
not enough to convince you

Indeed ....
I'm not a man

who promised to bring around the world
I'm just trying..
take you to heaven
That's it ... (that I could)

__ Ade Iskandar

together to jannah
Togeher to jannah (God willing) – madimar.deviantart.com


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