Tips jika salah harga saat belanja di carrefour

Tips if the wrong price when shopping at Carrefour

you ever shopped right?, but had not experienced any price while shopping? what the hell are we going to do?. well this time I want to share a personal experience when shopping at Carrefour. About two months ago I bought a air bed (kasur angin) at carrefour, habitually, before shopping, I always check the price of the bottom of the items that I will buy on the internet. just simple reason, so I know, how much budget do I need. well this time I was informed that the air bed price range starting from 100thousand to 400thousand rupiah, there is a direct one package with pump + repair kit, or not.

air bed (kasur angin)
photos air bed (kasur angin)

When shopping I find the price is pretty cheap around 130thousand, but not with the pump. hmm sayapun see pump prices, but the pump price was not listed on the label,
just barcode available. usually if there is no price on the label will be displayed on the shelf where the item, but this time at no cost although on shelf . I immediately asked the saleswoman who was at the. From the salesperson I know if its the pumps are 2 types of manual and there are Electrik. Prices and a manual about Electrik 50thousand around 225thousand. wah far does the price difference. but he says if that Electrik be located at the rear. oh now I just ngeh ..(understand) if the location of the air bed was actually in the back. on the front is only for promotion so only a few are placed in the front.

immediately took to his heels stance toward the rear gets. hmm turns out various forms and brand on the back, prices also vary. But for the pump so only two type namely manual and electric with prices 225thousand and 50thousand. nah sayapun take a manual pump and an airbed that the price 130ribu. yup after spending several other needs to the scene sayapun (hellleh… means to counter). Contents are calculated and tit tat tut settlement. sayapun take receipt of goods, but why there are weird yes, feeling that the price of the goods I bought this as expensive gak. I also gained attention should 50ribu pump prices but indicated 225ribu, walah.. I also gained back to the counter and explained the difference in price, cashier suggested to complain to the information.

belanja di carrefourI also gained walked to the information desk and explained that the pump price should 50thousand because the type of manual pump. label does not exist in written price, just barcode only. piece of information and then asked my shopping receipt and check the actual price to the inside. i'm waiting at the information. while waiting there also old man who complain the wrong price, Rp.9500 price of bread should be Rp.10.100. wah in my heart I said that the old man is also meticulous clay bread prices, he asked a bit excessively only difference 600. well.., this is about money. but there is also the annoying of the old man of these, he likes to get angry, according to the piece of information is too long to check the price of bread was.

“I have an hour here, why so long just to check prices!!!” he said that, so anggry, waww in my heart the said: i think, i'm first complain, and yet there is one hour…, ih.. ih.. ih.. This our habit of exaggerating problems, if the young people now say “lebay (excessive)…”. one piece of information came to me and said there was an error attaching barcode labels. Electrik barcode pump attached to a manual pump, nah so sturk my shopping in pieces at the incorrect price and given a new receipt later united with hekter. Then the price difference refunded. whereas the earlier old man…., alah.. forget it, also not known.. ūüėÄ

nah so the conclusion is

  1. If you shop at Carrefour or wherever do not forget to check the price again before leaving the location
  2. well, if you find a discrepancy in the amount of your purchase price, go straight to the information to confirm the actual price
  3. If the price does not correspond to the actual, you can ask for the price difference back (because the motto of carrefour , “If there is a price difference in the price tag at the checkout,then grab the lowest price”). but if the price is right and you think it's overpriced because of how you can take it or cancel (but the different policies of each shopping center)
  4. no need to get angry, Better wait for the process, getting angry just make tired.. right… (quip)

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