Taubat, Kalau bukan sekarang.. kapan lagi?

Repentance, If it isn't today.. so when?

What do you waiting for??

talking about time guys, all of us would be agree that it's time to keep going and will not ever go back. We'll never be able to go back to when we were little, we also can not go back to one year ago, 2 years ago and so on. yeah exactly and it should pass. Now the question is.. “What we did yesterday, one week ago, one year ago?”. What we have done well in accordance with the teachings of our religion?

Well if we are talking about religion guys, absolutely said. “Never mind.. religion is a private affair of each to God”, or “It's Easy.. God is gracious and merciful right” or even “This is not time to talking about Religion, provided that you didn't disturbing other people. enough”, isn't it?. BTW, what we should paltry about the religion? What we should think so easy affairs with God. Okay for example, If we get a special invitation from the President to the dinner to the Palace, all accommodation covered by president, But it took only an hour 09.00 night, passing of the president with a different agenda, I'm sure we definitely seek to present, if there is activity in that hour we deh definitely batalin or we tow.. isn't it? He is just president, right.. which incidentally is still human too, but we respect all that. Then what was the command of God .., who hath power over all any, Very Rich, who every day gives us sustenance, good health, safety, the feeling of happiness, treasures and all that is in us is his life-including. Why are we still gain gain.

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Okay I am a Muslim because I am only talking about Agama Islam, how many of us this is considered trivial by the rules of Islam, how much we were separated, select the given rules of Islam, which we think is bad to take the baseball live. Small example .., Sholat lima waktu. How many holes perforated, Friday prayers when doang, Sholat atau look Maghrib doang look Sholat Idul Fitri atau doang (itu juga mau pamerin baju baru ūüôā ) . Continue to issue rules to wear Hijab bagi UNITA.., There is still looking for a gap rule is to wear Hijab. Some say as long as we can protect ourselves do not need to wear Hijab, Important or polite is enough, or “ah I wear short skirts every day there is not really ngusik”, Or “Ah ribet.., hot .., hard-motion” or “Have not been able to” and a myriad of other reasons. The bottom line is they just say “Later aja deh”, “Penance old wait aja deh”

Ya ya ya.. all plausible reasons could be, but remember just ridiculous tablets yes.. but just could not get into the liver?. Could be anyway.. for those who are already covered “Heart”new. The repentance should not wait for old, because we do not necessarily get old. Repentance that must be done every day, why? because every day we sin (either intentionally or not). Necessary arrangements that must yah enggak adopted “But”, Do it now wear baseball “Later”. Do it quickly before the self-trigger “Dead“. If you've wanted to die how? want to cry in vain, dah want regret passing, repentance would already be late.

Never mind… Why must also defend offense keukeh, Why do not we try to run the rule though at first difficult. All tau keep praying five times is hard, all also know that charity is not easy, all also know that wearing Hijab need Istiqomah. Precisely therein lies the sincerity of our worship to God, and if we run with all sincerity will feel easy, and we can enjoy the sweetness of faith and obedience to God. gak believe.. O & than aja.

Want any more, willing are you waiting for .., Parents wait.. Wait like.. Wait for success? if all that was not achieved continue to die how? tunggu azab aja dong.. :). Make my friends my girls ni, already wearing Hijab just try as much as possible, do not need to listen to the people you ngejek, not yet able to try everything-for-use odio.. ranging from the simplest possible, if you hit the job just try it once used, If you later try to boss you're complaint against him alifly-alifly. If you're the boss, I agree to keep keukeh, Just changing jobs, This is especially difficult position we've been pretty good. But sure God would give deh better than now as long as we are sincere. Mass’ yes we want a good position in the world (that only this moment) but can later abject position in Hell. Or gini deh do you still hesitate to wear Hijab, imagine your skin nice and smooth it is now often praised-praised others suddenly exposed to a disease such as scabies, and spread throughout the body. What would you do? New to wear Hijab?, 've deh now it's no skin disease you, but indeed the disease is already present in the liver. And it is difficult to detect, why? because deep down. Symptoms can be seen. What were the symptoms? yes it was not willing to obey the commands of the Lord.

Want When else? If it is not currently, Want to wait a day let alone? if not today, while we are still healthy, can still serve well, while a young age (moreover old), come on we are doing what is required by God. God commanded all is good for us, and all the burden of his suit us well within our means. When we tested it with something sure we are actually able to do so, God is not against the servant dzolim. Do not delay, because death also can not be postponed, do a forward again because surely die waiting.

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