Sup Cacing Untuk Sakit Typhus

Worm Soup For Pain Typhus

Last night we just visit our friends who are ill in hospital. He said he still suffers Sakit typhus. yah jenguk usual stuff if it still chatting about the disease to cure what has taken. And we were all a little bit mengeryitkan forehead and open mouth reflex (read terplongo), when he says that the soup worm medicine.

Worm soup is believed to cure diseases quickly typus. His mother told, first when her brother gets sick typus someone telling you that it's a panacea earthworms. I'd turned into soup or direct “digongseng” (fried without oil). But if digongseng will cause odor, Therefore it is better used as a soup course. And sure enough, when the worm soup made instantly cured his sister.

How to process, cleaned earthworms by way of split. Manner similar to the splitting split chicken intestine. So just skin deep drawn. then processed as process soup in general. given leaf soup, kapulaga dan kawan-kawannya. Once cooked, soup filtered water and just be left alone. Then the water that's diminumkan to the patient.

After googling on yahoo I uh I mean after browsing turns out many tablets that have tried to make the soup as a cure typhoid worms. Even up there story books all (but I have not read anyway). This may be an alternative medicine to treat typhus (tipes). Sory ya cacing (:D)

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