Where we've got to emigrate?


Hijri new year is a new year for Muslims, Unfortunately this new year is often forgotten even by Muslims themselves, especially Muslims in Indonesia. Not only because the official calendar of the State of Indonesia which uses AD, but rather on the lack of interest of Muslims to deepen their faith. Whereas the function of this Hijri year is very important, reasons related to the schedule of Worship, like Haji, Ramadan fasting, etc..

Ironically the leaders of the Muslims seemed to not care about the presence of this. See it, is there a confirmation hearing to determine the date 1 st Muharram (or may have existed but were not reported in the media)?. Not as sensational determination 1 Ramadan, which seemed to have to really look at the moon, can be different day fall, different time of prayer. What this shows our Islamic religious leaders of this (or even our own) just want to do something if covered by the media, visible to others, so honored, politically charged. Though in retrospect should not date 1 Muharram is what should really be considered, because this is the beginning of the year. That by determining the fall, can minimize the difference, having to specify this far distant day.

And if he thought the cause of all this? root of the answer perhaps one, ie we have not really air-migrated. We may be too trivial to the passage of this Hijrah year. In fact, if we look back determination of this history Hijriyah, laden with meaning change for the better. now how do we move on good air? or still the same or even worse?

Let us ask ourselves each? for our men,

  • Have we implement shalat lima waktu?
  • Have prayer was at the beginning of time?
  • Already we congregation do it?
  • Have congregational prayer is done The mosque ?
  • Sudakah fasting month Ramadan?

For my female friend, apart from the question of prayer (Afdal more done at home),

  • Has intend to close the genitals?
  • Has start close the genitals while traveling?
  • Has leave tight clothing, mini and sexy?
  • Has beristiqamah wearing hijab Syar'i?

It still does things that we must carry out as a Muslim, yet these practices are highly recommended Sunnah, such as reading, interpret and analyze and practice the Quran. Read, analyze, Learning from the hadith and sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (which we claim to his community). Prayers midnight, Tarawih, birds, Duha, alms, etc.. Not to mention the things that we must meet in society, such as connecting ties, help one another in goodness. Doing good for others (no matter Muslim or not), maintain trust, Honest, good morals and a myriad of other social manners.

Well there may be some of that reading this article mengeryitkan forehead, or lipped frown and mutter “Alah relaxed ajalah…”, or “later ajalah.., sok alim really does“, “Gak get rabid fanatic very“, “There is time why, When already get Hidayah” and a myriad of blah blah that essentially we did not want to do.

Yes legitimate hell, okay to say so, but remember…, time will not wait for us to be ready or not? when the time we die ya die. in Islam there is no suggestion to be Islamic fanatics, Islam Diplomatique, Islam goyang duck, Islam moderat, Dying Muslim or other terms. There it is organized into a Muslim-Daulah (comprehensive, full not half-and-half). Islam is not just in mosques, Islam is not only the month of Ramadan, Islam is not just a holiday, but Islam must at all times. If you have not been able to advice not to denounce or even denounce those who are trying to start doing, but pray that facilitated and try to make it easy or not.

If we can sami'na wa atho'na, then inshallah we will unite, no useless debate, we will be united in a single management, there was no difference in the determination of Ramadhan. Our environment will be rewarded. Never mind.. not too much debate on something that is God already recommended. did according although it is difficult, pray that everything is so easy.

Happy new year AH 1 st Muharram 1436 H. migrated relentless! ūüôā

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