Sony Meluncurkan Smartband

Sony Unveils Smartband

Sony recently unveiled their latest gadget Smartband, touted gadgets can record all your activities, including physical activity and social. Gadgets shaped bracelet without the screen will be connected with your smartphone via wireless (wireles). In accordance with its function then this gadget will keep track of your physical activity daily, ranging from diet, sleep patterns, sports and so on.

Suppose you take a photo on the road, This gadget will then instantly post your ditimeline. Or for you who like to listen the music, You can also control your smartphone with this cute smartband. For music, smartband can control the play button, break, and skip.

If there is an incoming call or message, smartband then this will inform the way vibrating. This is certainly very useful for the lazy take your smartphone out of your pocket or shoulder bag, just use this bracelet all can be resolved. And one more interesting point of this is water resistant smartband, so this will not hinder your activities on the water including shower

For the price, Sony does not explain in detail how it will be priced smartband, but will probably range between $70 up. well the price is attractive, isn't?

But… Well back again to your own, whether this gadget will be useful to you or not? for those of you who like to run or maybe fitness gadgets will help you check the activities you.


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