Sombong…? gak pantes dong

Arrogant…? I deserve dong

Hi Wr.wb, Secure week mubarak colleagues all. Nan sunny day I want talking about ARROGANT yap “arrogant”. Previously I've also been writing about the theme too arrogant, who want to see ya here Masih inget gak kenapa iblis diusir?

Okay, speaking of arrogant, intentionally or unintentionally sure we never do or are having. The arrogant sometimes suddenly come into a particular state. that we do not actually rencanain. For example, while a similar bus coolies building crumpled shirt. There are times when we say to myself “Ish.. them ..” or others, it was actually part of a vanity tables. isn't it…?

But actually it is gak pantesloh arrogant for us to. Because if we think they are thinking-ni, what the hell would the sombongin? it's basically we do not have anything and not power over any. Not believe? gini deh, apasih absolute ours, Handsome or pretty face? tomorrow-tomorrow we can ONLY contact with smallpox blontang-permanent so it faces blonteng, Luxury homes + The car? whoa.. This can also be instantly destroyed by earthquake. Saving a lot at Bank? Come on bank koleps, koleps waterfall tu duit. Supplies of gold which is much? walah tomorrow, tomorrow could be a bone of contention heir. Moreover,…!, clever or smart, achievement, a champion continues, schools abroad, master 10 language, cum laude, and a myriad of other achievements? I have cancer of the brain can be our baby so much “OO” on earth.

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Even the life that we have is also not ours and we have no power over our lives. If it dead time, I can not resist situ-soul retains. If you want to be taken at how the sale would?. Because basically all there is on deposit but we inikan (ne of the usual statement), yes this is a statement that we often losing you, but we still do not ever recollect? meaning it will not you have entrusted us. analoginya building, This indicates that we asked a super food keso cooperation we, he says “Kalau mau ya portfolios portfolios, I took sometime”. Terus rights guitar stand handphone, everywhere we carry. What deserves our opinion,, Monsiour supposed to have our. continue if our friends take tu mobile dateng and want to how? lawong got her phone.

So already deh, pantes just arrogant for God, who has everything, and power over any. All that He is trustworthy (deposit) which we must use in accordance with the rules of his, and one day he will take responsibility and ask for our. Got a handsome face so well treated in grateful, not made for PHP-in chick-chick, punya wajah Cantik ya mbok jangan sombong, grateful for the care, whow do with photos on display Mayun, seksiiga, etc.. Got a lot of property in a manner so grateful to share, Can ride a bike so grateful hopefully next epidemic could ride motorcycles (although credit), Mbok do not have a car so arrogant squeeze horn back and forth if the misfire, cards do not calm, See ya old friend invited mbok car ride together (who knows tu friend would like to buy petrol in Upsss). Got a beautiful wife so grateful, husband had a bad temper so Mbok (he he he who is patient and grateful to be in heaven).

Hopefully we avoid the pride, cavalier, and their derivatives. remember the sin that makes the devil expelled from Paradise is arrogant. gak pantes arrogant for us, only a weak creature and sebenernya gak also have what what.


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