Siap hidup.., siap mati

Ready to live .., ready to die

Okay we begin this article with a quote

People who are not ready to die is actually a person who is not ready to live ..!!

The question is why? because “Every soul will surely feel the dead” (QS: Does Imran 185). Life and Death are two things that can not be separated. But be aware not you think many of us forget that we are going to die?, dead when it is closest to the occurrence of human.

Every day we do activities for the purpose so that we can survive. correct ..? we work to make money to live, we are also saving for life (First Day of), Eating yes to life, married yes to life and support. What is wrong ..? yes it is very true baseball dong .., wrong is if we forget to prepare KE-AN OFF-us. So as to achieve the purpose of life that sometimes we overlook the purpose of our dead.

Can not be denied the average human life goal now is MATERIALS (already.. so do not be shrugged). All of the material is measured. People are considered respectable if you have a material, people call it a success if the abundant material, The man who fell from a rickshaw at the fall of the car clearly different treatment. Even try deh tu ask my friends who are already on merit, first prospective in-laws were first asked what? definitely “You work where?” or “what efforts have?” (iyaa Mutawalli .., do not be so grimacing smile senyam). Why are all focused on the material? short answer is yes.. “Because humans forget OFF” Yes, it's a dream?. If you remember the dead man anyway.. gak so-so very ngumpulin material.

The material it is necessary bung .., but not situ assessment of human success. puzzle ever gak eh why the hell we love God's stomach area but span? If we continue to eat gak pain and fullness was sick? God just wants ngigatin that we are creatures who LIMITED so do not let us become creatures BEYOND LIMITS. In order not stomach ache with hunger, so efforts to earn a living. Continue to be able to eat if you've not excessive until later glut edges sick too, dibagiin therefore the food to the starving. So I'm sick of the same-.

Well analogy is also the same as the material was, we do not have the material too hard, why? examples ni little if we do not have any clothes at all, right difficult.. want to go everywhere also can not (eh not deng but can not not be) want to worship too hard (mass’ yes we worship, but naked). Therefore, we must strive to seek God's fortunes were already prepared for us, nah but later if saya can sustenance and the sustenance abound swallowed do not own, very poor because the first night I got the shirts anymore so rich luxurious too short, hiasannya different, modes also strange there are cuts skewed, only one string, There is also the mode or long dress but seemed not wearing clothes (maaf bukan nyindir.. only care only) and the price is Expensive…. for mercy .., yes mbok share with the still poor. Khan together enak

setelah mati
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Given the important dead, so we do not do what you like. because all would be justified. The material is plentiful supplies come mostly saved for dead (dead stock not purchased any fabric or coffin). Life is not only to collect but also to share. 've Deh stop judging people of Materials. Material will be taken off if we (mass’ iya sama kita mati dikubur BMW, Want to go gold indeed.. BMW only route in the world doang). The Rah-Rah love, Pest pora, cekikak cekikik (This language what the hell), foya-foya gak jelas, deh try to remember you will die hopefully our lives will be more focused. how how? try often to the grave (or search the house near the cemetery) eh is not want to be a ghost hunter, but it can make us remember the dead.

Dying is not clear when the arrival, This could be the day, tomorrow or 15 years. It could be that after writing this blog I die (er can sajakan ..), seringkan we hear, or see people today healthy er heard already died the next day. Because the mortality rate can be different, Woe, illness, or the recent turbulence overtime 30jam finally passed (I commiserate, moreover I also often begadang even gak overtime). Continue what we were told yes we still old age? gak no guarantee mas / mbak. Parents do not have to wait for repentance, every day we have to repent (because every day we also make sin). If we continue to watch the new parents turned even ribet gak tau hell. why complicated? iyalah.. let's say we are given to old age, terus guitars have further taubat, would want to pray diligently diligently Koran, eh old time we want the Koran eyes already not clearly read, want prayer recitation already forgotten, Where the author of a physical illness, they are worried about. Champions Mutawalli a ribet..

And one more awesome thing besides death, year? yes after death. Death of horror already.. especially after death. Accountability bro .., so if we've warned-warned from now and we've prepared lunch for us die God willing we will be safe. Do not tell me you believe nope “responsibility after death” or you do not believe God exists (Atheists). To prove easy aja, you try to go into the war stricken conflict continues there surely you sure God exists. Because “Atheists would not exist on the Battlefield”. Everything is in a panic if pursued with the name saya death, all want to ask for protection, especially if there is a disaster, earthquake, or volcanic eruptions are all on screaming for help? 'd like to ask you the same one all the panic lawong. That shows that we need the help of the Almighty mas bro .., but is it's okay if you do not believe tetep least you'll know his own future after death

So you ready to die ni?

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