Taubat, Kalau bukan sekarang.. kapan lagi?

Repentance, If it isn't today.. so when?

What do you waiting for??

talking about time guys, all of us would be agree that it's time to keep going and will not ever go back. We'll never be able to go back to when we were little, we also can not go back to one year ago, 2 years ago and so on. yeah exactly and it should pass. Now the question is.. “What we did yesterday, one week ago, one year ago?”. What we have done well in accordance with the teachings of our religion?

Well if we are talking about religion guys, absolutely said. “Never mind.. religion is a private affair of each to God”, or “It's Easy.. God is gracious and merciful right” or even “This is not time to talking about Religion, provided that you didn't disturbing other people. enough”, isn't it?. BTW, what we should paltry about the religion? What we should think so easy affairs with God. Okay for example, If we get a special invitation from the President to the dinner to the Palace, all accommodation covered by president, But it took only an hour 09.00 night, passing of the president with a different agenda, I'm sure we definitely seek to present, if there is activity in that hour we deh definitely batalin or we tow.. isn't it? He is just president, right.. which incidentally is still human too, but we respect all that. Continue reading

Sombong…? gak pantes dong

Arrogant…? I deserve dong

Hi Wr.wb, Secure week mubarak colleagues all. Nan sunny day I want talking about ARROGANT yap “arrogant”. Previously I've also been writing about the theme too arrogant, who want to see ya here Masih inget gak kenapa iblis diusir?

Okay, speaking of arrogant, intentionally or unintentionally sure we never do or are having. The arrogant sometimes suddenly come into a particular state. that we do not actually rencanain. For example, while a similar bus coolies building crumpled shirt. There are times when we say to myself “Ish.. them ..” or others, it was actually part of a vanity tables. isn't it…?

But actually it is Continue reading

Siap hidup.., siap mati

Ready to live .., ready to die

Okay we begin this article with a quote

People who are not ready to die is actually a person who is not ready to live ..!!

The question is why? because “Every soul will surely feel the dead” (QS: Does Imran 185). Life and Death are two things that can not be separated. But be aware not you think many of us forget that we are going to die?, dead when it is closest to the occurrence of human.

Every day we do activities for the purpose so that we can survive. correct ..? we work to make money to live, we are also saving for life (First Day of), Eating yes to life, married yes to life and support. What is wrong ..? yes it is very true baseball dong .., wrong is if we forget to prepare KE-AN OFF-us. So as to achieve the purpose of life that sometimes we overlook the purpose of our dead.

Can not be denied the average human life goal now is MATERIALS (already.. so do not be shrugged). All of the material is measured. People are considered respectable if you have a material, people call it a success if the abundant material, The man who fell from a rickshaw at the fall of the car clearly different treatment. Even try deh tu ask my friends who are already on merit, first prospective in-laws were first asked what? definitely “You work where?” or “what efforts have?” (iyaa Mutawalli .., do not be so grimacing smile senyam). Why are all focused on the material? short answer is yes.. “Because humans forget OFF” Yes, it's a dream?. If you remember the dead man anyway.. gak so-so very ngumpulin material.

The material it is necessary bung .., but not Continue reading

Kampanye spanduk wakil rakyat itu gak penting..!!

Campaign banners representatives was not important ..!!

Campaign ?

sometimes tired too hard or presidential candidate caleg ads everywhere, our heart does not ever nanya “why it should ngiklanin themselves ..?”, let people know? gak need to pack, this. if it is indeed incumbent legislators, surely the people there already in the know at it, mass’ I'm a people's deputy? how do I let people in the know? yes people living together, work for the people, gak need to waste money just to throw away for the banner, billboard, T-shirt and a myriad blah blah. Yes there are bad roads dibeneri together at folk. do not need a lot of money anyway? The people we still collaborate with them home situ-you-use pizza. do not work if you want to campaign doang .., actually there is a loss (if you later I was selected)

People were actually simple, if it does have the aura of a leader there will definitely kepilih deh. What is the aura of a leader? aura aura leaders are Kerjasama ngelayani others, There weve same care one around there. nolong must gak pake money, what it can do to help others do so. helped ya sick person to the hospital between, yes there are people dying while there ngelayat help out tide hut or tent. There ya rickshaw strike in auxiliary thrust, There are berantem yes Mbok dilerai. simple can? that there is often lakuin same time people do not know it? No need to plug it definitely selected billboard was Continue reading

IT dan Kehidupan ini

The IT and Life

Halah.. not important yes also the same title that was impressed Animashaun, Sunday morning is a little bit lazy I would like to discuss a few things that may be important to talk about. Yep anyway when I think about ya really great kids IT who consistently writes articles about information technology, especially related to coding. Why? I'm not easy because according to the tablets make IT-related articles, moreover it relates to writing code.

Yes you imagine to make a short article, perhaps the author should be long experiment. for example, make a tutorial create applications with PHP guestbook. Sorry this is a problem yes IT Information technology, so do not associate PHP with providers of False Hope. PHP was one of the names of web-based programming languages. Okay back to writing again last coding, the author should make the first guest book, ngetes first road or enggak? nah after the way she will make-up steps, enter code-codenya, compiled code neat and readable let other people. and a myriad of new blah-blah again it finished article. er published yet again after many tried and failed, sipenulis good to be able to answer questions that readers sometimes eccentric.

In addition to coding, There are also Continue reading

Sup Cacing Untuk Sakit Typhus

Worm Soup For Pain Typhus

Last night we just visit our friends who are ill in hospital. He said he still suffers Sakit typhus. yah jenguk usual stuff if it still chatting about the disease to cure what has taken. And we were all a little bit mengeryitkan forehead and open mouth reflex (read terplongo), when he says that the soup worm medicine.

Worm soup is believed to cure diseases quickly typus. His mother told, first when her brother gets sick typus someone telling you that it's a panacea earthworms. I'd turned into soup or direct “digongseng” (fried without oil). But if digongseng will cause odor, Therefore it is better used as a soup course. And sure enough, when the worm soup made instantly cured his sister.

How to process, cleaned earthworms Continue reading