Yang ku bisa

That I could

That I Could

I realized ...
I may not be able to take you around the world

or just stop by to Paris also Rome
I ... just a ordinary guy
who want to take you to heaven (with His permission)

Maybe I can not be as romantic as Paris
Not as grand as the city of Rome

In fact, not so sacred city of Mecca
I ... just a ordinary guy
who want to build a simple palace
with beautiful masts
Then I smiled happily
"Baiti Jannati" That's what I said Continue reading

Mata oh mata

Hari ini kok kepikiran mau nulis puisi.., dah lama gak wrote poetry on the blog or on the web all stacked in paper bond paper talaga. nulis would love poems but also males ntar even kepikiran… he he he , so his poetry semi aja deh

Mata oh mata

Oh eye eye

Oh eye eye eye now I can not look eye eyes eye oh why do you turn away from the view point oh mine eyes again why you do not want staring eyes

oh eye eye, and listen to me

Ade Iskandar for ( pair of eyes)

NB : How many eyes hayoo? (tetep aja pair…!!!!) ūüôā