Ada kalanya

There are times when

sometimes we can only silent but anyone wants disamapaikan, sometimes we can convey something but we just speechless. sometimes we want to convey something but we do not know what to say ..., ya like me now. Do not know what to talk to repel night silence ... There are many phrases that stuck in my heart ... but do not know want to put them together ...


Ketakutan ku

My fear

Sometimes I can not believe the current generation, over an individual human being that has absolute freedom over her, without ever want to know and be responsible to the environment, other, even to the creator.

Look every day terjumpai the unconscious man to open her body. Seemed as if it was her absolute right to open or close. Without wanting to know what the result of the open nakedness. Sexy words that are grade-it-like a pride. Seems to be the standard of beauty with a body to show it in public, sometimes even up without covering yarn selehai. And it is not wrong in his view.

Try to see how crowded the streets with women who wear mini skirts, tights and open. Then notice how the eyes of the men who saw happy and proud to see women as spies watched. Then we have a sadarkah almighty One who was also watching us.

Do we not consider why sexual violence often occurs. Pemerkoaan, molestation and even murder is often heard our ears. Even an unusual case of sexual violence occurred between father and son, uncle with niece, sister with brother and other. And what about sexual harassment, bertebarnya pornographic images and the like that have become commonplace.

Even if there is a question why rape can happen? There will definitely say (of the women) "The mistake men, who can not control their lusts "or

(of the men) "That one woman, why wear clothes that invite lust ". Could be many possible causes of. Clearly it's all because men and women do not collaboration to avoid it. Try to think Continue reading

Building a basic technique with Gammu SMS Gateway


I wrote this article to answer the questions that came to my email about the SMS Gateway in windows with gammu. Gammu is a tool to build SMS Gateway application , Gammu is not an application so it is a dough that can be applied to the desktop as well as web programming language and can run on Windows and Linux. For more details about gammu can be viewed on the official website Further kepembangunan sms gateway only have to be provided


  1. HP modem that can be made + data cable (recommended), I wear sonyericsson K608i
  2. Driver HP congenital or PC suite .., if no try to check on google
  3. Apache + mysql, I recommend use XAMPP version 1.6 above can be downloaded at
  4. Gammu for windows download di


After complete all, began to extract Gammu to C:\win32. After that install Xampp, Continue reading

This small to large

"One day after returning from lunch with a friend, I opened my door to lock the usual wear. but unfortunately the door was open only half .., I think there might be something jammed behind the door. With a bit of streamlining my body I finally made it and tried to find objects that might block the door of my room. I look carefully there is no object prop, I returned it in order to force the door open .., but still, he did not want to open wide. then my turn check that door, This time he not only see but also feel the bottom of the door and the results are not in vain, she found a small lump in the corner bolt the door. I shook my head, turned out just a small bolts able to prop the door difficult to open "

That's everyday life that often occurs in our lives. Sometimes we always take for granted the things that are trivial or minor things, but we realize that it trivial that later affect the big things. we often fail at something just because a trivial issue, and no doubt also that the success that we get is also preceded by the simple things well. for instance when college just because because we are unwilling to sleepy college, we think "ah just one day aja kok ..!!”, but mungkn course of the day there is a new material that is rather difficult compared to previous material, because it does not follow from the beginning, at the next meeting so we do not know what to do, The next so lazy entry.. well, if it were so could fail on the subject. and could be due to failure of this course could hamper the other subjects and finally finished late graduation ... and so on. Continue reading

If In Benediction "Ask Not Disconnect" Why In Need Doing "despair"

The journey of life is not built with words "Instant". All processes have a certain phase. Stages that ultimately prove who can survive and eventually win. Desire desire that we have not necessarily realized in the absence of a process or more commonly called the "Effort".

Issues that overlap often makes a person feel despair, feel inadequate or even feel useless. however, we realize that those feelings are part of the process steps to achieve what we want. should we dissolve in a sense that eventually we ran out of the original purpose. Who's the man life without a problem ..?, even that problem is what makes this world a more life. let's try to reflect and think for a moment .., if it is not a mouthful of rice "problem" then there would be no human world turn to "Working, because if you asked the man why he works are by and large will answer them to work to make ends meet .., one of which is for a bite of rice was. So what to get upset of the problem ...?.

But ..., human remains human. inability Sedaya was trying to still exist determining the Almighty God. God commands people to try and pray . So if this is not enough so we do not despair ..?,. Therefore coincided with efforts, Do not forget to pray. to pray there will be strength and passion to do what we want.

nah ..., if we do not break up in prayer to ask then why do we have in trying to despair. Is not prayer can be in trying ...!!!???. Kepembicaraan back early.. This life is not happening "Instant" but with the stage. Be aware of what we've achieved so that we remain excited. Then give thanks what has been given. so many favors that we feel then why do we still despair or even blame God. Because it started again today ... do not despair, if it does come back to Him in prayer and contemplation hopefully we will have the wisdom of every action we did

Still There Still Can

Thinking I had not passed the throat while breathing.. there is still a chance they could change any mistakes and make major changes towards a goodness even though it is not easy ...., but it is not something that is difficult if there is a strong intention

All probably agree that it is not "results" are seen in a fight, but "effort" to achieve "results" that is the size of the. in a race must be lost and won ... but not the only trophy which is the size of a business but a victory win the game and participate in a pertandinganlah that would prove who the real champions

Not an easy task indeed to prove a word ..., But good intentions to do is start from a proof. When the time comes will all know who is going to win the game of life .., but only humility, wisdom, and are able to answer ketaqwaanlah