Where we've got to emigrate?


Hijri new year is a new year for Muslims, Unfortunately this new year is often forgotten even by Muslims themselves, especially Muslims in Indonesia. Not only because the official calendar of the State of Indonesia which uses AD, but rather on the lack of interest of Muslims to deepen their faith. Whereas the function of this Hijri year is very important, reasons related to the schedule of Worship, like Haji, Ramadan fasting, etc..

Ironically the leaders of the Muslims seemed to not care about the presence of this. See it, is there a confirmation hearing to determine the date 1 st Muharram (or may have existed but were not reported in the media)?. Not as sensational determination 1 Ramadan, which seemed to have to really look at the moon, can be different day fall, different time of prayer. What this shows our Islamic religious leaders of this (or even our own) just want to do something if covered by the media, visible to others, so honored, politically charged. Though in retrospect should not date 1 Muharram is what should really be considered, because this is the beginning of the year. That by determining the fall, can minimize the difference, having to specify this far distant day.

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Hope (In Allah)

Hoping to make the creature will only upset. because true creature had nothing. The greater hope, the more frustrated when unable to. In addition to it being weak he could also treacherous.

Suffice hope in Allah, ruler of heaven and earth. What he give always good and what is not will be in the replace better. He is all-knowing which one is better because it is still prejudiced either.

Not received on a situation in his permittance will not change anything. The fact is actually not bitter. Indeed, the bitter is if can not accept the fact that. Everything that is His, then ask Him. Property, wealth, position even family and loved ones are his. If the he took back his given nothing could hold him. And remember it must be good. The task we just try and improve themselves (repentance).

After all, if the door is closed it is actually another door has been opened?, So do not focus on failure and disappointment, but Focus on improvement. Failed only teaches how should better. Continue reading

Tukang Batu


Like the usual days .., every Sunday morning I called my father and mother. To ask them and certainly news to share stories. Today we talk about the water tank will be installed at our house. So to put a water tank to a high, we agreed to use a cast cement with a height of several meters. The point the water flows well and the tank is also sturdy.

To the need to develop the course, require materials such as cement, sand, small iron, each merge, and gravel. My father said hard gravel in search now, agent can not accept orders if only slightly. Makes sense anyway. Then my father looking for alternatives, that is replace the gravel with padas stone. My brother got a chance padas stone, because he also plans for me-a little kitchen remodeling his home. At that time my father was also the order for the padas stone.

batu padas
My KIND OF STONE, sumber http://batupadas.blogspot.com/

Did you know padas stone? yes natural stone which is usually taken from the rock cliffs. I asked my dad, how much it costs if ordered stones such padas. Father said, the price of the stone was Rp.100,000 /meters, at least tombstone should 5 meter. Hearing price 100.000 I was a little surprised that, What about not so surprised, just so hard to imagine taking the stone is sold only 100.000 per meter and was able delivered to homes. My father agree with me. He said if we look directly into the stone making it, so sorry for we see the people who took away the stone. They sculpt / break up stones one by one until a certain size. then pick up to somewhere.

Not to mention the risk to be borne, like a stone splash when breaking, exposed hammer or chisel, let alone rock ketimpahan. “Did not have the heart to bid” said Dad told me when they mention the price of the stone. For that price it is already very low compared to the risks and how they take it. Make traditional stone crushers, the way they took the stone that is still relying on manual way with a hammer and chisel. Another case with secondary stone crusher, they have used bombs to destroy the rock, then just split it with a chisel. For a professional stone crusher and modern course has been using heavy equipment.

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Taubat, Kalau bukan sekarang.. kapan lagi?

Repentance, If it isn't today.. so when?

What do you waiting for??

talking about time guys, all of us would be agree that it's time to keep going and will not ever go back. We'll never be able to go back to when we were little, we also can not go back to one year ago, 2 years ago and so on. yeah exactly and it should pass. Now the question is.. “What we did yesterday, one week ago, one year ago?”. What we have done well in accordance with the teachings of our religion?

Well if we are talking about religion guys, absolutely said. “Never mind.. religion is a private affair of each to God”, or “It's Easy.. God is gracious and merciful right” or even “This is not time to talking about Religion, provided that you didn't disturbing other people. enough”, isn't it?. BTW, what we should paltry about the religion? What we should think so easy affairs with God. Okay for example, If we get a special invitation from the President to the dinner to the Palace, all accommodation covered by president, But it took only an hour 09.00 night, passing of the president with a different agenda, I'm sure we definitely seek to present, if there is activity in that hour we deh definitely batalin or we tow.. isn't it? He is just president, right.. which incidentally is still human too, but we respect all that. Continue reading

Sombong…? gak pantes dong

Arrogant…? I deserve dong

Hi Wr.wb, Secure week mubarak colleagues all. Nan sunny day I want talking about ARROGANT yap “arrogant”. Previously I've also been writing about the theme too arrogant, who want to see ya here Masih inget gak kenapa iblis diusir?

Okay, speaking of arrogant, intentionally or unintentionally sure we never do or are having. The arrogant sometimes suddenly come into a particular state. that we do not actually rencanain. For example, while a similar bus coolies building crumpled shirt. There are times when we say to myself “Ish.. them ..” or others, it was actually part of a vanity tables. isn't it…?

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Siap hidup.., siap mati

Ready to live .., ready to die

Okay we begin this article with a quote

People who are not ready to die is actually a person who is not ready to live ..!!

The question is why? because “Every soul will surely feel the dead” (QS: Does Imran 185). Life and Death are two things that can not be separated. But be aware not you think many of us forget that we are going to die?, dead when it is closest to the occurrence of human.

Every day we do activities for the purpose so that we can survive. correct ..? we work to make money to live, we are also saving for life (First Day of), Eating yes to life, married yes to life and support. What is wrong ..? yes it is very true baseball dong .., wrong is if we forget to prepare KE-AN OFF-us. So as to achieve the purpose of life that sometimes we overlook the purpose of our dead.

Can not be denied the average human life goal now is MATERIALS (already.. so do not be shrugged). All of the material is measured. People are considered respectable if you have a material, people call it a success if the abundant material, The man who fell from a rickshaw at the fall of the car clearly different treatment. Even try deh tu ask my friends who are already on merit, first prospective in-laws were first asked what? definitely “You work where?” or “what efforts have?” (iyaa Mutawalli .., do not be so grimacing smile senyam). Why are all focused on the material? short answer is yes.. “Because humans forget OFF” Yes, it's a dream?. If you remember the dead man anyway.. gak so-so very ngumpulin material.

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