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The IT and Life

Halah.. not important yes also the same title that was impressed Animashaun, Sunday morning is a little bit lazy I would like to discuss a few things that may be important to talk about. Yep anyway when I think about ya really great kids IT who consistently writes articles about information technology, especially related to coding. Why? I'm not easy because according to the tablets make IT-related articles, moreover it relates to writing code.

Yes you imagine to make a short article, perhaps the author should be long experiment. for example, make a tutorial create applications with PHP guestbook. Sorry this is a problem yes IT Information technology, so do not associate PHP with providers of False Hope. PHP was one of the names of web-based programming languages. Okay back to writing again last coding, the author should make the first guest book, ngetes first road or enggak? nah after the way she will make-up steps, enter code-codenya, compiled code neat and readable let other people. and a myriad of new blah-blah again it finished article. er published yet again after many tried and failed, sipenulis good to be able to answer questions that readers sometimes eccentric.

In addition to coding, There are also Continue reading

Building a basic technique with Gammu SMS Gateway


I wrote this article to answer the questions that came to my email about the SMS Gateway in windows with gammu. Gammu is a tool to build SMS Gateway application , Gammu is not an application so it is a dough that can be applied to the desktop as well as web programming language and can run on Windows and Linux. For more details about gammu can be viewed on the official website Further kepembangunan sms gateway only have to be provided


  1. HP modem that can be made + data cable (recommended), I wear sonyericsson K608i
  2. Driver HP congenital or PC suite .., if no try to check on google
  3. Apache + mysql, I recommend use XAMPP version 1.6 above can be downloaded at
  4. Gammu for windows download di


After complete all, began to extract Gammu to C:\win32. After that install Xampp, Continue reading