kalian tau

you know

Did you know .., for a guy like me, in every way I can confidently, but not for love. For some reason…? feels unable to stare at the faces of people I love. I was always self-conscious when meeting with people who appeal to me, when I realized she was also a human.

Did you know .., for a joke I could string words as beautiful as pearls.. but not when I really fell in love, it seems all the words disappear and only the remaining two letters only, it's 'hi', but unfortunately two letters unspoken until she goes away. and all of a sudden silence.

Ketika Cinta
While love true

Did you know …, when she spoke to me, It's feels like I do not want to spin time. I want to have long time to hear all her chatter, I do not care that all important or not for me. the matter her voice flows in my ear, her eyes looked at me and all was recorded in my memory. Fool ya ..? (I don't care)

Did you know …, if I had to choose, Among a thousand working code PHP program, or looking for love in her heart Code, then I would prefer doing a thousand PHP code. You know why guys? as hard as the difficulty of PHP code, there must be a reference, but to break the code of a heart, there would be no definite reference. PHP is logic, Love is a mystery

But …, You know .., it would not have happened .., yeah not going to happen, until I fall in love

Break or No Break !!

Break or No Break !!

This seems to me in writing first 2012, and.. Feedback only lately did a lot of busyness (and certainly not pretentious busy). 2012..!!, Hmmm this year have tried many associated with doomsday predictions .., Akhir Zamanlah katanya, Virtual quarter forecast is, sun storm is .., yes alright, I do not comment about the doomsday predictions. Mau ki Amat kek, ucts of Amir, Ki Joko Bodo gak cake just let it be a matter of business forecasters. I just want to talk the conversation light but memorable (egmm egmm), yes this time I want to talk "About Love" (cooked-cooked). But this has absolutely nothing to do at this February, a "word person" as "Valentine Month ..", it may be that for some people this month as the month of "Love Float", or perhaps as in "Love Float". Continue reading

When the "early" has Ended

This one word ni deserve to ponder. otherwise we might be wrong in making life choices. yah.. The word is "When beginning has an end", may at first glance there is no sense of any of the words. but if in the larger study further nian hidden meanings.

the start of something very desirable normally we would smile at once mingled happily and seemed to forget that he's going to end well. happiness that we had seemed to cover everything. however ...., there is no harm if a little sigh to remember the time that it would end for happiness. So when happiness is gone I feel so heavy slug soul.

sometimes when everyone in the clutch .., Continue reading

Simple Love .... However, significant outstanding

Soal tape.. humans have their own definition. Says not enough to say so, but felt in the soul. 's exactly the essence of love to give peace in the human heart. but sometimes as a man can love Dark Eye. Wrong love ..?

There's nothing wrong with love. it's just the meaning of love in the hearts of men that make love a little tarnished image. Sometimes "the name of love" couple people get stuck in the world of lust plot. they fell asleep in a moment of beauty. beautiful.. five minutes but could regret forever. "In the name of love" they are united, but "In the name of Love (other)"They, too, can be separated. That phenomenon of love. Continue reading