Tukang Batu


Like the usual days .., every Sunday morning I called my father and mother. To ask them and certainly news to share stories. Today we talk about the water tank will be installed at our house. So to put a water tank to a high, we agreed to use a cast cement with a height of several meters. The point the water flows well and the tank is also sturdy.

To the need to develop the course, require materials such as cement, sand, small iron, each merge, and gravel. My father said hard gravel in search now, agent can not accept orders if only slightly. Makes sense anyway. Then my father looking for alternatives, that is replace the gravel with padas stone. My brother got a chance padas stone, because he also plans for me-a little kitchen remodeling his home. At that time my father was also the order for the padas stone.

batu padas
My KIND OF STONE, sumber http://batupadas.blogspot.com/

Did you know padas stone? yes natural stone which is usually taken from the rock cliffs. I asked my dad, how much it costs if ordered stones such padas. Father said, the price of the stone was Rp.100,000 /meters, at least tombstone should 5 meter. Hearing price 100.000 I was a little surprised that, What about not so surprised, just so hard to imagine taking the stone is sold only 100.000 per meter and was able delivered to homes. My father agree with me. He said if we look directly into the stone making it, so sorry for we see the people who took away the stone. They sculpt / break up stones one by one until a certain size. then pick up to somewhere.

Not to mention the risk to be borne, like a stone splash when breaking, exposed hammer or chisel, let alone rock ketimpahan. “Did not have the heart to bid” said Dad told me when they mention the price of the stone. For that price it is already very low compared to the risks and how they take it. Make traditional stone crushers, the way they took the stone that is still relying on manual way with a hammer and chisel. Another case with secondary stone crusher, they have used bombs to destroy the rock, then just split it with a chisel. For a professional stone crusher and modern course has been using heavy equipment.

I heard that story so little brood. So noble Continue reading

Sup Cacing Untuk Sakit Typhus

Worm Soup For Pain Typhus

Last night we just visit our friends who are ill in hospital. He said he still suffers Sakit typhus. yah jenguk usual stuff if it still chatting about the disease to cure what has taken. And we were all a little bit mengeryitkan forehead and open mouth reflex (read terplongo), when he says that the soup worm medicine.

Worm soup is believed to cure diseases quickly typus. His mother told, first when her brother gets sick typus someone telling you that it's a panacea earthworms. I'd turned into soup or direct “digongseng” (fried without oil). But if digongseng will cause odor, Therefore it is better used as a soup course. And sure enough, when the worm soup made instantly cured his sister.

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Google Halloween

Google Halloween

Google Halloween.

Halloween day – Not google his name if it does not change their logos when certain days. On 31 October 2013 The google again presents their unique logo to celebrate halloween. As some logos google before you will be invited to play with the google logo. Yes of course, because the theme of Halloween then you are given little surprises.

Logos associated with Halloween then talks about witch who want to make a certain potion. You are invited to help Continue reading

Cara memesan tiket Kereta Api (stasiun medan)

How to order train ticket (Medan station)

Yesterday I had just booked a train ticket to return home to a range. ya taulah 2 week it is lebaran, be ready-made to order train tickets. But nothing has changed so the way their reservation. If I remember a few times anyway it have change how to order. This is still better. This seemed to have an influence as well with the opening of Kuala Namu Airport. how can? right, because the planed is passenger who fell in kuala Namu International Airport train will climb up to Medan. so what to do same train ticket reservations?, the simpel way is let good service, Leg finish quickly and make people waiting for.

So how changes? In the past, it would place a train ticket tombstone different with pendant and remote place even. Continues to turn into a place with a counter and must bring ID. How many people would we order it so much that we carry ID cards (but the first) and now tetep carry ID cards anyway but not directly to the counter to order tu Tickets, but the first form. I am also a bit confused yesterday anyway what form would be filled. it turns out that we fill it is no ID diformulir us, Continue reading

Opss Salah…!!! (maafin dong)

Opss Salah…!!! (maafin dong)

Ramadhan 1434H

Month of Ramadan has come, regardless of the initial determination that Ramadan is almost always a difference, lets we forgive each other on offense we have done to each other. Sure, it is better to forgive, but we should not rule out the possibility that more relief apologize alias plong, should wait forgiven… is not it bro?!!.

Ramadan this year (1434 H) we intend should be better than year ago, for that we have to-review what we lack in Ramadan years ago. It may be that Continue reading

Tips jika salah harga saat belanja di carrefour

Tips if the wrong price when shopping at Carrefour

you ever shopped right?, but had not experienced any price while shopping? what the hell are we going to do?. well this time I want to share a personal experience when shopping at Carrefour. About two months ago I bought a air bed (kasur angin) at carrefour, habitually, before shopping, I always check the price of the bottom of the items that I will buy on the internet. just simple reason, so I know, how much budget do I need. well this time I was informed that the air bed price range starting from 100thousand to 400thousand rupiah, there is a direct one package with pump + repair kit, or not. Continue reading