Where we've got to emigrate?


Hijri new year is a new year for Muslims, Unfortunately this new year is often forgotten even by Muslims themselves, especially Muslims in Indonesia. Not only because the official calendar of the State of Indonesia which uses AD, but rather on the lack of interest of Muslims to deepen their faith. Whereas the function of this Hijri year is very important, reasons related to the schedule of Worship, like Haji, Ramadan fasting, etc..

Ironically the leaders of the Muslims seemed to not care about the presence of this. See it, is there a confirmation hearing to determine the date 1 st Muharram (or may have existed but were not reported in the media)?. Not as sensational determination 1 Ramadan, which seemed to have to really look at the moon, can be different day fall, different time of prayer. What this shows our Islamic religious leaders of this (or even our own) just want to do something if covered by the media, visible to others, so honored, politically charged. Though in retrospect should not date 1 Muharram is what should really be considered, because this is the beginning of the year. That by determining the fall, can minimize the difference, having to specify this far distant day.

And if he thought the cause of all this? root of the answer Continue reading

Opss Salah…!!! (maafin dong)

Opss Salah…!!! (maafin dong)

Ramadhan 1434H

Month of Ramadan has come, regardless of the initial determination that Ramadan is almost always a difference, lets we forgive each other on offense we have done to each other. Sure, it is better to forgive, but we should not rule out the possibility that more relief apologize alias plong, should wait forgiven… is not it bro?!!.

Ramadan this year (1434 H) we intend should be better than year ago, for that we have to-review what we lack in Ramadan years ago. It may be that Continue reading

Siapa Kita

Who are We

That human life can not vote in families where, bangsa apa, agama apa, what tribe, he must be born. But every normal human being given reasonable, character and heart to think, behave and consider something about what he is doing, encountered, have and face.

God made a difference to be able to know each other and people should consider the advantages and disadvantages of Continue reading

“Mawar Maafin marwan.. ya” Opsss bukan iklan loh

“Mawar Maafin marwan.. already” Opsss not ad tablets

“Mawar maafin marwan ya ” Still inget dong with the ad slogan.. hmm but this time not like talking about the ad loh.. he asked again right bentar his time for Ramadan fasting, tu nah therefore we have to clean the self first, yah Maaf-maafanlah, it definitely hurts us dah tuh much on others (udah numpuk kali ya) let alone one of the same God he he.


Di bulan puasa nanti kalau bisa (and should have) adalagi is not revenge or hurt, angry or not comfortable with other people's. With mutual forgiveness, hopefully our fast and smoothly useful. as humans we would not be separated from the mistake and wrong, sometimes we have tried Continue reading

The sweetness of success (Patience and Gratitude)

One day when my spirit has down and sense of hopelessness that relapse, I came to my friend's boarding house at the orphanage. He teaching over there. Simplicity and sincerity has become part of his life. As usual, we always share and exchange their thoughts when there is a problem between us. On that day he didn't much to say and give me solution, occasionally he just nodded and agreed to virtually all of my complaints. Looks like he also could not do much to solve the problem that I had.

The next day after morning prayers .., Our chat lighter moment while preparing breakfast potluck. I also feel bad because a little troublesome. After that he going to perform routine activities for teaching. I'm left alone contemplating my problems. Accidentally I read a post on the wall room of him "People who have never experienced hardship and distress in Continue reading