You what I want in my future

(Wish)You what I want in my future

May be affected or even judged excessive crazy. But with all the stupid time. Some say, you should write down your wishes about dating that you desire on a paper. Not want to set the Lord, but hope in a prayer. Well I'm going to write down the person I want in my life in the future.

sketsa jilbabYes I do not know who you are, what is your name, where do you life, and when we meet. but I'll keep hoping in my prayers about you that I want. I realize the phrase "Nobody is perfect" and I'm not a perfect man, because each of our imperfections is what I hoped would be a perfect unified whole. You had to be pretty and soothing the liver when in view. I do not force you beautiful in front of everyone. enough in front of me and in the eyes of God. but if God confers a wonderful beauty in all that the human eye is the thing I'm most thankful for. You do not have to wear the hijab when we meet, but hope you are the one who finally understand that your beauty is not for everyone to enjoy. And you realize that the hijab is not a scary outfit. And finally you want to wear when you be my wife. Remember it is not my will but God's command that created me and you. But if God brought us together when you have istikomah with scarf, so I'm very grateful for that. what I want you women who are taking care of yourself and kehormatanmu to me that a husband.


You do not have to cook smart, but you are a woman who would cook, for me and our children. kamu tau kenapa ? because I want you to cook with love and love will flow along the food you cook for me and our children. and finally I will always fall in love every day, and I hope that I die. And our children will be dear to you over those dearest to me. They will be proud to have a mother like you. Because your love flowing in their blood.

A career you can be original you still have time to provide breast milk for our children, accompany our children breakfast, play with them, euthanize them or accompany them to learn, and give sense to them why I was not home from work. But I would be glad if you could be a career at home. without having to skin stinging heat of the sun, or face to face with your boss's office often cranky.

You do not need to graduate college, or formal education bonafide, but you really have to be smart. Because of you that will educate our children when I'm not at home. I would like the merging of the two of us make our children are children whose genius and righteous / Shaliha. I want them to continue our dreams unfulfilled, and improve the weaknesses in ourselves each. Your hand in my hand and I want our children are human mentality steel, Tau are not whiners and where exactly is the purpose of this life.

We do not have to have the same hobby. maybe we will taunted each other hobby respectively. Moreover, the matter of musical taste, tastes about movies or even TV shows. But is not it fun. Do not be surprised if later I often sing in the shower dangdut, or jumping style rocker after a bath and only wearing a towel only. Sometimes My Music taste is like changing, depending on the mood anyway. I also love that song again saturated nyiptain similar jobs. and maybe all the songs that inspired you. 🙂

rumah idaman

I also want to realize our dream home for later. I want our homes beautiful and free for children's play. But our house is not a home that is closed to the neighbors. as long as they do good then we too open for their home. And one more thing, I do not like cigarette smoke in our homes. somehow we'll have to make our guests leave cigarette when coming into our homes. to our room ..., maybe you have to be patient with me that often disorganized. maybe I'll often leave my IT equipment everywhere. Do not panic strewn with cables. But maybe it's ok with our united later, I'm going to turn into a neat. which may have you wear your death repetan stance that makes me so remember if it does not fall apart either..

You also have to be patient if I stare at my laptop more than stare at you, do not be bored yes if these gadgets continue to stick. Because it's my job. But no need to worry in all gadgets I'm going to be on your photo, I and our children :). And do not forget to remind me to sleep if it was late. I sometimes forget it is often a time when there are deadlines that must I do this with my laptop. I want to smile reminded to rest or pray 5 time. And you should not ignore if it is already time for us to make out. Because you to enhance the presence of half of my religion and I also to enhance the presence of religion. Maka tersenyumlah dengan mesra dan aku sudah tau maksudmu 🙂

Since then and until now, I continue to learn to be a good priest for you and our children later. And I hope that when we meet later so I could be a good priest. do not be afraid to remind me, I do occasionally chuckled to my opinion, although it is not necessarily true. So I want you as an appraiser I and I as your assessor. Now I'm learning how soft-spoken. Note my voice sometimes sounds gross, even though I'm not angry. and Alhamdulillah how past year I have started to manage my words, I look forward to meeting and we will be making my voice was rough again.

alquran dan haditsTrack of our family is the Koran and Sunnah, I also hope we can keep istiqomah to decorate our homes with reading Qu'ran. Let our homes cool calm tetep. I want all the family problems will we return to it. Not important religious courts, Domestic Violence Law, KPA and a myriad of blah-blah, if contrary to the Qur'an and Sunnah we must leave. I'm not going to slap you when we quarrel, it is the message of my parents in my, I do not remember ever hurt another person with physical (except for the last), especially with the person I love you because God. Oh yes, you do not need to fear me polygamy. Islam encourages to marry only one person. Polygamy is only allowed. that is allowed for special people with special purpose and with the specific requirements. And you know the specific conditions syarta? terms are very heavy even a prophet almost overwhelmed if not he was fair and patient choice. Polygamy is not an excuse for lust mengumbar. And I have no intention at all to polygamy, I always pray that you replenish alone be Pendampingku. And I'm sure God will pity on those who are grateful. Therefore be a faithful companion, which always makes me remember when I looked at the other woman.

You can float, wear beautiful clothes, besolek and that's what I want. But that's just me, if you leave the house proper decoration wear as a sign we are grateful to God not to impress others with vanity and pride. Because I realized that women were jewelry world and the best of jewelry is a woman who sholiha, and it is you. Come to my assistance when there is a banquet, party, or other events with reasonable jewelry that. Let them be jealous of our intimacy. Let i hold my hand or embrace it to your shoulders, or hug my waist as we walked. I sometimes imagine us an umbrella when it rains drizzle arrived. I hold an umbrella in your right hand, My left hand and embraced pinggulmu, and the hand was hugging my waist as we walked the drizzle meyusuri.

Kota Paris

Saat weekend TIBA, we are going out and dating. I will be looking for a comfortable place to eat we tell. sometimes I imagine us sitting together while eating hot soup, cold weather, and furry jacket is attached in your body, then kupakaikan scarf dilehermu and we also enjoy the stars in the sky. We would joke and talk about memories of the past or the future of the new. occasionally I kiss your cheek. or you pinch my waist, and we chuckle. Ouch beautiful when it. Especially if it's in the city of Paris ha ha ha, fuck it I've never been there, but they say that paris romantic city. I just wanted to prove where I was the same Romantisan paris ha ha ha, konyol ya?

Yap marriage is also not just 2 liver but also two families, and you will become part of my family and I are also part of the family. You should deem my parents as well as parents, so do I, I'll assume your parents are my parents own. And one more thing, yes you the same dear mother, because my mom a little more sensitive, perhaps this is also the same with the other mothers. My mom is actually easy to treat, He'd just taken for granted gak. And she does not want to see you the same disrespect me. Itu aja, gampangkan?. I am also the last child will probably weigh our trials when we have to deal with all four of our parents. But that's not how they take care of us than the small time.

We also have to be a "solution maker" in our family environment. We should be able to provide a solution of every problem. And not be a source of problems. At the end of the day we may be faced with a "dilemma creatives". But I want to remind, if the material could damage our family gathering we better release. even though we are not wrong, but let it pass. family is a property that is not worth the price. And you know why we have to let go? Because I do not want to be a bad example for our children. The logic is simple, if we fight our brothers the same material because it can not be denied our children will also be quarreled just because of the material. For example, who, yes we are dong dear :).

In the end we will age with the, and perhaps our children will be away from us, they will also build their own dream. They also will be married and have children and grandchildren who are we. but I want you to stay there beside me. we'll tell you every morning with two cups of tea and snacks to accompany our. maybe I will be more exacting in your cooking, note might have changed my tongue taste. You can also coke cranky when I do not want to take them ha ha ha. When our grandchildren come maybe we will fight to lift them even then, if we are strong :). The house we are going to be violent with their myriad of toys. not to mention that we have to fight over the TV remote and even then if later there is still a TV anyway.

I wish I had a garden behind our house, so that our grandchildren come, they could play there. and eating fresh fruit from our orchard. yah even though it would make me berantem with our grandchildren when they take on young fruit. but not what the name implies-granddaughter apasih.

And if I had more before returning to his, yes you have to stand tall, and if I go back when our children are minors, You have to educate them well and making child Sholeh. I might be able to smile at the prayer-prayer there when they come to me. And I hope the good things waiting for you at the gates of Paradise. As far as possible before I die, I'm going to fund their education and prepare your income through savings, deposit or investment. It's all up to the Almighty Allah SWT Has namely.

That's what I want from you a woman who is in my future. About when we meet let only God knows, Problem is in the grant or not let the omniscient the answer. we are just trying, and I'm now trying to memantaskan myself to you that I want in my future

__Ade Iskandar

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