kalian tau

you know

Did you know .., for a guy like me, in every way I can confidently, but not for love. For some reason…? feels unable to stare at the faces of people I love. I was always self-conscious when meeting with people who appeal to me, when I realized she was also a human.

Did you know .., for a joke I could string words as beautiful as pearls.. but not when I really fell in love, it seems all the words disappear and only the remaining two letters only, it's 'hi', but unfortunately two letters unspoken until she goes away. and all of a sudden silence.

Ketika Cinta
While love true

Did you know …, when she spoke to me, It's feels like I do not want to spin time. I want to have long time to hear all her chatter, I do not care that all important or not for me. the matter her voice flows in my ear, her eyes looked at me and all was recorded in my memory. Fool ya ..? (I don't care)

Did you know …, if I had to choose, Among a thousand working code PHP program, or looking for love in her heart Code, then I would prefer doing a thousand PHP code. You know why guys? as hard as the difficulty of PHP code, there must be a reference, but to break the code of a heart, there would be no definite reference. PHP is logic, Love is a mystery

But …, You know .., it would not have happened .., yeah not going to happen, until I fall in love

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