Google Halloween

Google Halloween

Google Halloween.

Halloween day – Not google his name if it does not change their logos when certain days. On 31 October 2013 The google again presents their unique logo to celebrate halloween. As some logos google before you will be invited to play with the google logo. Yes of course, because the theme of Halloween then you are given little surprises.

Logos associated with Halloween then talks about witch who want to make a certain potion. You are invited to help mixing these ingredients. the combination between ingredients then you will be taken to shocks, like to see a spider, repel ghosts, stop the zombie, choose three crates.

Google Halloween

Here is the video footage

Hmm how good is not?, But BTW, I do not want to discuss what it was halloween and history of halloween, and for sure I also celebrating halloween gak :D. You can read the history on wikipedia, The following excerpts

Halloween or Hallowe’en is a night of celebration tradition 31 October, and especially celebrated in USA. This tradition comes from Ireland, and was taken by the Irish who emigrated to Amerika Utara. Children celebrated Halloween by wearing costumes horror, and going from door to door asking neighbors candy or brown he said “Trick or treat!” The speech is a kind of “threat” which means “Give us (candy) or we jahili.” In the current era, children usually no longer menjahili house people who do not give anything. Some children are still home menjahili stingy with the way people decorate a tree in front of their house with tisu toilet or write window with soap.

Halloween is identical with devil, witch, ghost goblin and creepy creatures of Western culture. Halloween is celebrated by decorating homes and shopping centers with symbols of Halloween. go to wikipedia…

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