Hope (In Allah)

Hoping to make the creature will only upset. because true creature had nothing. The greater hope, the more frustrated when unable to. In addition to it being weak he could also treacherous.

Suffice hope in Allah, ruler of heaven and earth. What he give always good and what is not will be in the replace better. He is all-knowing which one is better because it is still prejudiced either.

Not received on a situation in his permittance will not change anything. The fact is actually not bitter. Indeed, the bitter is if can not accept the fact that. Everything that is His, then ask Him. Property, wealth, position even family and loved ones are his. If the he took back his given nothing could hold him. And remember it must be good. The task we just try and improve themselves (repentance).

After all, if the door is closed it is actually another door has been opened?, So do not focus on failure and disappointment, but Focus on improvement. Failed only teaches how should better.

Flopped on-up results from the action's just stupid pathetic. Is not God's grace was widely. then why still despair? The earth rotates not only to make the day and night but also to demonstrate that the seasons will change and all will be changed. Past will not return but lost could change

Fear of loss is a futile action also damages. because that could come away, that life must die. So thankful for what you have and keep in well before it went. All are made will be demanded responsibility. then act wisely before all will be too late.


Ade Iskandar

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