Wow finally finished too, Well done also I import my articles from my blogs long been one in this place (ade.my.id). This is not all there are many more that I do not import. Since the beginning of my blog is to write in places apart, following some of my blogs

andarade.wordpress.com : my blog is the most active, usually discuss new events

adeiskandar.blogdetik.com : Especially for poetry

iskandarbook.tk : special place to vent and pulled out steam

adeiskandar.tumblr.com : place to update something, there are important there is also a baseball.

also there are some notes on facebook. I collect everything plan would be in my new web.

when I move my articles, I sometimes sad, because there are a number of opinions before I pour it on my blog now but there are some that I hit.. yeah maybe that's life, or so it is not no perfect man.. we just tried to do my best, if there is one fitting to improve.

there is also a little strange, basically my daily activities very closely with the IT world, but which I discussed in my blogs used to be very little on IT. and.. ya ya.. hopefully starting this year I will be a lot to discuss about IT.

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