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Ade IskandarAbout Me : Ade Iskandar

I am one of the millions of people who already fallen in love with the world of IT. As a programmer, almost every time from my days, always spent in the world of information technology. From just looking for a new science to find a bite of life. Currently (2014) I went through my profession as a web programmer in PT. Media Antar Nusa, at the same time I also lead an online invitation project that became known as Datangya.com.

Like most activists IT, I was also involved in activities related to the IT world, Seperti Google Business Group, IT seminar or just meet and greet fellow activists IT. Usually the following activities in the field of IT Such I get new experiences which of course add my vision in the field of IT

Although I was busy in the world of IT, I still take the time to refresh your mind and body to enjoy the beautiful nature of God's creation


Since June 2010 until recently I worked as a Web Programmer at PT. Media Antar Nusa (nusanet). And now I am mandated as a project manager in www.datangya.com.

Fun Project

In some spare time I also made some fun projects, like

  • www.prominor.net (I have now closed)
  • www.cobatebak.com
  • www.cieile.com

yah as the name 'fun project' so still many shortcomings here and there.

I also love creating songs (that is not how melodious it). usually when tired of coding, I play the guitar (old guitar) of mine (not important anyway).

In addition to coding, and create a song that is not important that, I also like video editing, especially for video tutorials. following one video ad that I created for datangya.com

Thank you for visiting my home page, and also apologize if you get lost come in here. Oh ya one more, sorry if there are some photos my narcissistic here (well.. this is personal home page by myself ha ha :D)

Ade Iskandar

— Ade Iskandar

Or you can also visit my profile on about.me / ade.iskandar

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